Friday, December 16, 2011

A Peek In To Maldivian Economy

In the past Maldives was famous for local and foreign trade of commodities such as dried tuna fish, coir rope, turtle shell, ambergris, (‘maavaharu’), cowries and Coco de mer or Maldive coconut (‘Thavakkaashi’). At present the Maldivian economy is based on tourism, fishing and shipping. Fishing is the second largest economic sector in the Maldives. Other minor sectors include agriculture and Construction industry.

Fishing: the second largest industry in the Maldives
During the late president Ibrahim Nasir’s regime, Maldives opened its doors to the international community with the opening of the first tourist resort. Kurumba resort was the commencement of a new adventure for Maldives. The tourism Industry fast tracked the country’s economy at an amazing speed. The GDP grew from a mere morsel to one of the highest in the south East Asian countries. This growth of the economy led to the expansion of other sectors such as the educational and health sectors.
A tourist resort in the Maldives

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