Friday, December 16, 2011

Maldivian weather

Maldives is a group of coral Islands located in the equatorial belt, 500 km (300 miles) south west of southern India. The nation is comprised of approximately 1190 Islands clustered into 26 Atolls forming a double chain in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Out of this 1190 Islands about 200 or so Islands are inhabited and most of the Maldivian territory is covered by the sea. The land mass is about 300 sq. km.

Maldives experience a tropical monsoonal climate. The south west monsoon or “hulhangu moosun” as it is known in Dhivehi, lasts from May to October with torrential rains, rough seas and strong winds. The north east monsoon or “iruvai moosun” as it is known locally, falls between November and April. This brings clear blue skies, hot, humid weather and very little rain.

Throughout the year it is warm and sunny due to the country’s proximity to the equator and the temperature hardly varies (ranging between 24-33 degrees centigrade). This is one of the reasons why tourists from all over the world love Maldives as a tourist destination.

The sun kissed white sandy beaches of Maldives are surrounded by azures waters of the Indian Ocean. The reefs that surround each of these jewel Islands are teeming with multi-coloured marine life. A dive in these reefs leaves one agape. Uninterrupted weather patterns are critical in sustaining this beauty of the Maldives. During hot, humid days the temperature is kept in check by the ever blowing sea breeze coming from the ocean. This sea breeze is very energizing and revitalizing to the spirit.


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